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Adoption and Impact of OER in the Global South



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Chapter 1: Research on Open Educational Resources for Development in the Global South: Project landscape Read chapter
Chapter 2: Factors influencing Open Educational Practices and OER in the Global South: Meta-synthesis of the ROER4D project Read chapter
Chapter 3: OER use in the Global South: A baseline survey of higher education instructors Read chapter Access the data
Chapter 4: Open Access and OER in Latin America: A survey of the policy landscape in Chile, Colombia and Uruguay Read chapter
Chapter 5: Co-creation of OER by teachers and teacher educators in Colombia Read chapter  Access the data
Chapter 6: Effectiveness of OER use in first-year higher education students’ mathematical course performance: A case study Read chapter Access the data
Chapter 7: Tracking the money for Open Educational Resources in South African basic education: What we don’t know Read chapter
Chapter 8: Teacher educators and OER in East Africa: Interrogating pedagogic change Read chapter
Chapter 9: Factors shaping lecturers’ adoption of OER at three South African universities Read chapter Access the data
Chapter 10: OER in and as MOOCs Read chapter Access the data
Chapter 11: Cultural-historical factors influencing OER adoption in Mongolia’s higher education sector Read chapter
Chapter 12: Higher education faculty attitude, motivation and perception of quality and barriers to OER in India Read chapter Access the data
Chapter 13: Impact of integrating OER in teacher education at the Open University of Sri Lanka Read chapter
Chapter 14: Teacher professional learning communities: A participatory OER creation and adaptation approach in Karnataka, India Read chapter
Chapter 15: An early-stage impact study of localised OER in Afghanistan Read chapter Access the data
Chapter 16: OER and OEP in the Global South: Implications and recommendations for social inclusion Read chapter

Note about the peer review process
This open access publication forms part of the African Minds peer reviewed, academic books list, the broad mission of which is to support the dissemination of African scholarship and to foster access, openness and debate in the pursuit of growing and deepening the African knowledge base. Chapters 2 to 15 in this volume have each been reviewed by at least two external reviewers. Chapters 1 and 16, which constitute the introduction and conclusion components of the volume, have not been peer reviewed. Copies of the reviews are available from the publisher on request.

The project owes a great debt to the supportive team of peer reviewers who assisted in the editorial development of this volume: Alan Cliff, Beck Pitt, Bea de los Arcos, Birgit Loch, Carolina Botero, Carolina Rossini, Catherine Cronin, Cher Ping Lim, George Sciadas, Ishan Abeywardena, Jophus Anamuah-Mensah, Kerry de Hart, Leslie Chan, Linda van Ryneveld, Mardu Parhar, Mary Burns, Megan Beckett, Mythili Ram, Patricia Watson, Rebecca Miller, Rajaram S. Sharma, Ryhana Raheem, Sacha Innes, Tel Amiel, Valerie Lopes and Venkaiah Vunnam.