Network Hub reports

Welcome to the central project resources page. On this page are links to resources produced by the Project Coordination team located in the University of Cape Town.

The resources on this page are organised by the six strategic areas outlined in the design of the ROER4D project:

  • To develop the knowledge base of OER researchers in the Global South
  • To develop the research skills and competencies of OER researchers
  • To demonstrate Open Research by sharing project planning and management documents throughout the research process
  • To communicate ROER4D’s findings, processes and insights throughout the course of the project
  • To evaluate the operation of the project during the research process in order to intervene effectively when problems arise
  • To organise, store and curate project outputs to ensure long-term accessibility

Please click on the links below to access the outputs according to the strategic areas outlined above.

This section includes presentations on ROER4D’s knowledge-building activities, including the

Research capacity building

Impact Studies research planning tools

Question Harmonisation


Project management

Proposal and Scoping documents

  • ROER4D Proposal Document (May 2013) – .pdf
  • ROER4D Scoping document (December 2013) – .docx

Technical reports

  • ROER4D first technical report (June 2013 – August 2014) – .docx
  • ROER4D second technical report (September 2014 – August 2015) – .pdf

This section contains the project proposal and scoping documents, as well as the technical reports.



  • ROER4D November-December 2015 Newsletter – .pdf
  • ROER4D August 2015 Newsletter – .pdf
  • ROER4D January-February 2015 Newsletter – .pdf
  • ROER4D October-November 2014 Newsletter – .pdf
  • ROER4D February-March 2016 Newsletter – .pdf
  • ROER4D May-June 2016 Newsletter – .pdf
  • ROER4D October Newsletter – .pdf


  • ROER4D project map (June 2014 – March 2015) – .pdf
  • ROER4D project map (March 2015 – February 2017) – .pdf
  • ROER4D project map (March 2017) – .pdf
  • ROER4D Participants’ Time Zones table (2015) – .pdf
  • ROER4D Participants’ Time Zones table (2014) – .pdf



This section includes selected resources from the Communication strand, including the timezones tables, past newsletters, and project maps.



  • Utilisation-focused Evaluation: An Introduction (October 2014) – .docx
  • Evaluation of ROER4D December 2013 workshop – .odt


This section contains materials from the ROER4D Evaluation strand, focusing primarily on the use of Utilisation-Focused Evaluation in the project.

Curation and Publication

Strategy and Process Documents

ROER4D Bibliography

  • This resource is a working document cataloguing key research on OER, with a focus on the Global South.
    ROER4D Bibliography

ROER4D Outputs

  • This resource is a working document cataloguing research outputs produced by the Network Hub team.
    ROER4D Outputs