Chapter 5 in profile – Co-creation of OER by teachers and teacher educators in Colombia


This week we profile Chapter 5 of the ROER4D edited volume by María del Pilar Sáenz Rodríguez, Ulises Hernandez Pino and Yoli Marcela Hernández.

Titled, “Collaborative co-creation of OER by teachers and teacher educators in Colombia”, this study, conducted with public school teachers in southwestern Colombia, enabled teachers to identify possibilities of OER in their own educational practices as well as the conditions required for their adoption.

The main finding of the study is that teachers create and use OER more effectively when they receive flexible and continuous pedagogical support that: (1) fosters practices that enable teachers and students to play an active role in the creation of knowledge; (2) promotes open licensing that respects authors’ rights while promoting reuse; and (3) facilitates theuse of ICT available in schools and at home to access, create and share OER.

The underlying web page to access more detail on the study and view other outputs.

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