Future development of ROER4D (2022 - 2023)

Future development of ROER4D (2022 - 2023)


As with anything else in life, you need a work plan. It is not enough to just have a good idea, but it is essential to provide the resources to help you realize the vision. We managed to do this by investing your capital or finding an investor to finance our ROER4D projects.

To gain the full attention of your potential financier "from the beginning,” it was essential to specify in as much detail as possible the company's perspective, as well as its development potential.

Summary of the business plan - Highlight your main objectives

In the introductory part of the business plan, we made a brief presentation of the purposes of our project, as well as justified their reality. Also, we tried as meaningfully as possible and with a few arguments to describe how achieving those goals will lead to significant results for the company.

Sometimes it is better to compose the introductory part when we have already completed the entire business plan. This way, we will better understand your goals and what the investor gains if he invests in your business idea.

Business Description - What do we want to achieve?

This section is the basis of your business plan, and we should draw the attention of your potential ROER4D creditors. Strive to describe the scope of your business in as much detail as possible, the market requirements you want to meet, your long-term and short-term goals, and the product or service you wish to offer South Africa Residents.

Marketing - Define community needs and create a marketing strategy

No matter how we turn it around in 2022 - 2023, in business, everything always revolves around sales and profit. Therefore, one of the most critical segments of a business plan is, of course, defining a marketing strategy. In this section, we strive to determine community needs clearly and present the target group of people interested in our projects. We aim to identify the typical consumer and think about what he needs, how he thinks, what his habits are, what he wants, and, of course, what problem or need you will solve for him. Think about how to reach him, and this should be the basis when you think about marketing and a promotional plan of activities.

Production plan and operational plan - Identified current and future needs.

The purpose of this section is to give your investors an idea of ​​the day-to-day business, that is, the daily business of the company. Here we analyzed current and future production needs and the impact on the company's profits and success. The production plan allows the analysis of the company's production potential and the achievement of the proposed business objectives. The production plan provides an image of current production capabilities and future needs - for office space, equipment, technology, and raw materials.

ROER4D management plan - Introduced our team

In many cases, a quality management team predetermines a company's business success. This is part of a business plan in which we presented the business owner, his expertise, experience, and previous achievements. We also introduced the members of the team that will work on the project.

The management plan defines the primary and business tasks, the most critical functions, the necessary executors, competencies, rights, and obligations in the ROER4D activity.

Growth and Development Plan - Where do we see our idea in 10 years?

In our growth and development plan, we can dream a little. This section is not just about numbers and statistics, as in the previous parts of the business plan. Think about your project and describe how and where we see our community in 5, 10, or 20 years. Present all the news that your company can offer on the market after a certain period.

Financial plan and analysis - Start the company's financial business

The financial plan and analysis are the most significant and complex parts of a business plan. It shows the economic viability of the investment. Also, this part evaluates all the company’s financial operations in the next period, respectively, the economic effects that the investment will produce.

A financial plan of the ROER4D community include the following analyzes:

  • Total investment
  • Sources of funding
  • Formation of total income
  • Energy plan
  • Depreciation plan
  • Labor costs
  • Project revenue balance
  • Economic flow
  • The balance of the project
  • Profitability of the project
  • Return period / return on investment
  • Summary evaluation of the project.

In this context, we want to thank all our community supporters and urge them to join us in the coming years. Together we will succeed in everything!