ROER4D project activity toolkit: Research capacity development


The ROER4D project activity toolkit is comprised of five documents outlining activities associated with each of the University of Cape Town Network Hub pillars of project management activity: networking, evaluation, communications, research capacity development, and curation and dissemination. It is hoped that these chapters will be of practical use to other projects attempting to integrate any of these aspects in their operational strategies.

The “Research Capacity Development” chapter by Henry Trotter, Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams and Michelle Willmers focuses on the research capacity development activities undertaken in the ROER4D project. These activities were seen as crucial in terms of addressing the project objectives of building an empirical knowledge base on the use and impact of OER in the Global South, developing the research capacity of OER researchers and building a network of Global South OER scholars. It outlines the rationale behind and implementation of four central aspects of the research capacity development process, namely: research question harmonisation, concept clarification, developmental editing and open research practices (incorporating open data).

Key insights gained in conducting research capacity development activities amongst participating researchers have led the UCT Network Hub to recommend a research capacity development model which has a cohesive trajectory from conceptualisation to conducting research and, ultimately, publishing and profiling the findings of that work.

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