Chapter 15 in profile – An early stage impact study of localised OER in Afghanistan


This week we profile Chapter 15 of the ROER4D edited volume by Lauryn Oates, Letha Kay Goger, Jamshid Hashimi and Mubaraka Farahmand. Titled “An early stage impact study of localised OER in Afghanistan”, this chapter arises from research work undertaken in ROER4D sub-project 10.4. It evaluated Afghan secondary-level teachers’ use of the Darakht-e Danesh Library (a digital library of OER resources in English, Dari and Pashto) over a four-week period to determine whether the teachers used the resources, if their access improved their content knowledge and pedagogical practices, and whether they improved their understanding and use of OER.

The findings indicate that use of the DDL varied, with some teachers never accessing the library and others preferring to use only the traditional textbook even after accessing the OER content. When the DDL was used, the OER content improved teachers’ subject knowledge and instructional practices. The teachers showed only limited understanding of openness, typically characterised OER as any online content or even any content outside of their formal curricular materials without reference to accessibility or licensing, and displayed no observable improvement in their assessment skills.

The dataset arising from the study is available on the DataFirst web page to access more detail on the study, other outputs and a video interview with project researcher Abdul Rahim Ahmad Parwani.

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