ROER4D weekly update – 17 November 2017

Two advance chapters released
This week ROER4D released two advance chapters emerging from the research of our sub-projects in South America. Chapter 5 – Effectiveness of OER use in first-year higher education students’ mathematical course performance: A case study by Werner Westermann Juárez and Juan Ignacio Venegas Muggli, studies the impact of OER on student outcomes in a tertiary institution in Chile. This study compared the use of OER to traditional learning materials, with the finding that while the use of certain OER materials was correlated with examination grades, there was no obviously identifiable relationship between the ‘openness’ of learning materials and course results but rather that openness is part of a set of tools and practices which all influence learning outcomes.

ROER4D videos now available on YouTube
We are pleased to announce the release of a collection of ‘research stories’ emerging from the ROER4D project. These videos, which shed light on the research processes and findings from the ROER4D sub-projects from across the Global South, are now available on the ROER4D playlist on the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching’s YouTube channel.

ROER4D Blog – OER adoption and adaptation in the Global South
Our latest blog by José Dutra de Oliveira Neto and Tess Cartmill explores the level of OER adoption and adaptation by staff and students from higher education institutions across the Global South. Emerging from the research conducted by the SP2 team, the blog explores the key finding that while OER adoption occurs across the research sites (Brazil, Chile and Colombia in South America; Ghana, Kenya and South Africa in Sub-Saharan Africa; and India, Indonesia and Malaysia in South & Southeast Asia), use “as-is” occurs far more often than either adaptation or creation. This suggests that the Global South is still characterised more by consumption than creation of OER, limiting the value proposition of OER in transforming core practices around the creation and dissemination of knowledge.

Open Source University announces the launch of global social innovation platform
In an attempt to support students engaging in the increasingly numerous higher and continuous education opportunities available online, the available here.

All the best for this week

Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams and the ROER4D Network Hub team.

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